Pretty Candy Bowls To Serve Homemade Candy In

You’ll Need:

2 cups pure granulated sugar
2 tablespoons vinegar
1 cup water

Procedures : To prepare this Pretty Candy Bowls To Serve Homemade Candy In Recipe, first put sugar and water, well stirred on fire; after it boils a few minutes, add vinegar Have cup of ice water, and when sirup cracks and piles up in cup it is ready to be used Color any delicate shade before taking from fire, but not until ready (or can be colored on marble) Pour out in small rounds on greased marble Brush jelly glasses (inverted) with almond or peanut oil When candy can be lifted with knife, take up, press out with fingers and form over glasses Move on glasses often and if cooked right, it will stand alone in a few minutes; shape edges any way, but the work must be done fast A little practice will be required to make succes

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