Ding Dong Spiders

You’ll Need:

1 Hostess Ding Dong per child
8 pieces black string licorice per child
Frosting or cream cheese (dyed red)
2 raisins per child

Procedures : Give each child a small plate. Hand out the Ding Dongs and let each child unwrap one.

Pass out a bag of cut up string licorice. Let each child take 8 pieces.

Pass out the frosting or cream cheese and allow each child to take a tiny spoonful and place on their plate.

Have each child take 2 raisins from the box.

On the one side of the Ding Dong have them put 4 pieces of licorice into the Ding Dong. Repeat on the other side. These are the legs. Let them stick their raisins into the frosting and stick them on top of the Ding Dong for the eyes.

If desired, put a dot of red frosting on the bottom of the Ding Dong to make it a Black Widow

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