Ghost Tree Ornaments

You’ll Need:

1 white plastic trash bag per ghost
1 round balloon per ghost
1 rubber band per ghost
Black paint or permanent marker
String or thin rope

Procedures : Blow up a balloon until it is as big as you would like the head of your ghost. (Don’t make it too big because it may pop.)

Put the balloon in a plastic bag and situate it so that a corner of the bottom of the bag is at the top of the balloon.

Tie the bag just below the bottom of the balloon.

Draw a face onto the balloon with paint or marker. The bag should be tied tightly enough so that the surface is shaped evenly with the balloon.

Make a hole in the top of the bag (make sure you don’t get the balloon) just large enough to insert the rope or string. Tie the string tightly and hang from a tree branch.

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