Peanut Butter & Jelly Filled Spiders

You’ll Need:

* 3 tbsps (reduced fat) peanut butter
* 3 tbsps strawberry jam
* 1 lb Frozen Bread Dough — thawed

Procedures : # Prepare two baking sheets with cooking spray; set aside.
# In a small bowl, combine peanut butter and jam; set aside.
# Divide dough into sixteen equal pieces. It takes two pieces of dough to make one spider.
# To make spider, take one piece of dough, on a lightly floured surface, divide this piece into four equal pieces for spider’s legs.
# Roll each of these pieces into thin ropes, each being eight inches long.
# Lay each of these ropes, parallel and equal in length to each other, half inch apart onto prepared baking sheet.
# For the spider’s body, divide a second piece of dough, one twice as large as the other.
# On a floured surface, pat larger piece of dough with the palm of your hand to flatten.
# Place two teaspoons peanut butter and jam mixture onto center of circle.
# Bring ends of dough up together and seal seams.
# Gently roll this piece of dough into a ball; set aside.
# Roll smaller piece of dough in a round ball (this will be the spider’s head).
# Place peanut butter filled body and head centered on top of the four ropes of dough.
# Finish with remaining pieces of dough to make eight spiders. Each spider should have eight legs.
# Let rise until doubled in size, one hour.
# Bake in a 375 degree oven for ten minutes, or until golden brow

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