Festive Omelette with Brandy and Mincemeat

You’ll Need:

# 3 eggs, large
# 1 tbsp. milk
# one and a half ounces (40g) butter
# pinch of salt
# pinch of caster sugar
# 1 tsp. rum
# 3-4 ozs. mincemeat
# 2 tbsps brandy

Procedures : # Break the eggs into a mixing bowl then add the salt and rum
# Beat lightly with a fork until the eggs and yolks are mixed and just a little froth beginning to appear
# Stir in the milk
# Put the butter in a 6-7 inch (15-17cms) heavy based frying or omelette pan and heat until it begins to ‘haze’
# Pour the egg mixture into the center of the pan and keep shaking the pan while stirring the eggs with a fork as in making a scrambled egg mixture
# When the center of the omelette looks scrambled, leave the pan stationary for five to six seconds for the bottom to brown slightly
# Carefully fold the omelette in two and slip off the pan onto a plate
# Stuff the pancake with warmed mincemeat, pour over the brandy and set alight as it comes to the tabl

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