Mince Pies with Shortcrust Pastry

You’ll Need:

# 12 oz. (350g) shortcrust pastry
# 1 lb. (450g) mincemeat
# icing sugar
# milk or egg for glazing

Procedures : # Roll out the pastry to about one eighth of an inch in thickness
# Using a 3 inch and a two and a quarter inch cutter, stamp out 20-22 larger and smaller rounds
# Line tow and a half inch patty pans with the large rounds
# Fill the rounds with mincemeat
# Damp the edges of the smaller pastry rounds and position on top of the larger, filled rounds
# Make a slit in the top of each pie
# Brush the tops of each pie with a little milk or egg to glaze
# Bake in the top of a pre-heated oven at 425F, Gas mark 7, 210C for 15-20 minutes, until the mince pies are a golden brown in colour
# Cool on a wire rack then dust with icing suga

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