Savoury Cheese Nibbbles

You’ll Need:

# 2 oz.(50g) Cheddar cheese, finely grated
# 4 oz (125g) butter
# 6 oz.(175g) plain flour
# salt and pepper
# milk, for mixing
# cocktail onions, pineapple , pate etc., for topping

Procedures : # Put the flour in a bowl and rub in the butter
# Add the grated cheese, salt and pepper, then mix to a stiff paste by adding a little milk
# Roll out to a thickness of about an eighth on an inch on a lightly floured board
# Cut into smallish rounds and prick with a fork to prevent rising
# Bake in the center of a hot oven, 425F, Gas Mark 7, 220C for 8-10 minutes, or until the biscuits are a light golden brown in colour
# Cool on a wire rack
# Decorate the tops of the biscuits with a variety of cocktail onions, pate, pineapple cubes or whatever little savouries you fanc

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